Chainmail Anklets

Any of these Anklets may be customized by changing bead colors, adding bells charms or chain etc! Let your imagination go wild! Shown here are a few in-stock styles, ready to ship-

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AnklCrystSwagDk.jpg (33108 bytes) Crystal Swag Anklet includes any smooth teardrop or 6mm fire polish crystal colors. Stainless steel so it will  Never Break or Tarnish!  $40.00
AnklAhnkBellLght.jpg (24920 bytes) Egyptian Ahnk Bell Anklet  wrap your ankle with the Egyptian symbol of Eternal Life and the gentle tinkle of tiny bells- $32.00>
AnklFullBell.jpg (26088 bytes) Full Bell Anklet  Tired of having those cheap bell anklets break and discolor yet Again? Invest in a belled anklet that will last a Lifetime or More! $40.00
Jingle3.jpg (16367 bytes)

Crystal Bell Anklets or Jingles as they are affectionately known, are a great value starting at only $24.00 for basic stainless. Click Here for more... 
AnklGrapevinePlDk.jpg (20192 bytes) Plain Grapevine Anklet As is, or dress up with your choice of beads, bells, charms, swags, or all of the above!  $32.00  
AnklGVSwag1pic.jpg (22774 bytes) Single Swagged Grapevine Anklet Sultry swags drape your ankle in this seductive piece.  $36.00
AnklGVDblSwgTinyBells1Dk.jpg (32094 bytes) Double Swagged Grapevine Anklet with Tiny Bells  I LOVE this anklet! Matches the Choker of the same name.   $52.00
AnklGV2Swag3TD1Lt.jpg (32611 bytes) Double Swagged Graduated Triple Bead Grapevine Anklet  (yes, soon I will have to name these something easier, like 'The Emily'...LOL)   $50.00 >
AnklGV3SwgTinyBells1Dk.jpg (34301 bytes) Triple Swagged Grapevine Anklet with Tiny Bells  Very Intricate. Matches the Choker of the same name.   $58.00
AnklGVSwag3TD1Lt.jpg (24362 bytes) Swagged Graduated Triple Bead Grapevine Anklet  (Same as above, but with only a single row of swags- only- )   $46.00   
AnklGVLgnTinyBells1pic.jpg (27327 bytes) Buncha Bells Grapevine Anklet Big Bells, Tiny Bells, They'll hear you coming in this harmonious Anklet!  $50.00
AnklGVTDTB1pic.jpg (22066 bytes) Grapevine Anklet With Teardrops and Tiny Bells Your choice of Beads and the tinkle of Tiny Bells- Beautiful! $50.00
AnklRosettesCap1PlainDk.jpg (20835 bytes) Captured Rosette Anklet A great rosette weave- matches the Celtic Rosette Earrings! Customize any way you want or wear as is for only   $34.00
AnklRosettesCap1SwagLt.jpg (21255 bytes) Single Swagged Captured Rosettes Anklet    $36.00
AnklRosettesCap1SwagTBlsDk.jpg (26614 bytes) Single Swagged Captured Rosettes Anklet w/Tiny Bells  $40.00
AnklRosettesCap1FTDTBlsDk.jpg (24554 bytes) Captured Rosettes Anklet w/Tiny Bells and Teardrop Beads   (subtract $2.00 if you use 6mm fire polish instead of faceted Teardrops)$52.00
Diamondbellanklets.jpg (23118 bytes) Diamond Bell Anklet Woven Diamonds, Tiny bells and the glint of smooth teardrop or fire polish beads makes for an amazingly lovely anklet!  Click Here for more... $60.00

Goes GREAT with the Diamond Bell Choker!

We have So Many More Anklets than the ones shown here, just go to the Weave Designs page, and pick out a style! Add some Beads, bells and Chain, and Viola! 

\/ Click down here for more anklet weaves! \/

Basic Weave Chainmail Anklets

E-mail me at Silvertigerart and we'll design something Spectacular, one of a kind, and Perfect for You together!

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