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Silver Tiger Art is a Florida Based Company that is dedicated to bringing you the Best of Everything, from Quality Jewelry, Chainmail and Armor, etc., to Customer Service and Satisfaction.

We Guarantee you will be happy with the Service, Response time, and the Quality of our Merchandise.

We are Always Happy to take time to Work with You on that Special Custom Order, and Understand the Need to Rush if you are Outfitting Models for an upcoming Trade Show, or Bedecking the Bride, Groom and Wedding party for your Special Day!

Our Goal is to make your Shopping experience with Silver Tiger Art so Wonderful, you will want to do it Again and Again  :) 


Here are a few letters from satisfied customers:


AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
    What more can I say?!  I'm feeling all giddy.  I can't wait to try them on.  Thank you so much, really.  I can't believe how you've worked with me.  Are you strictly working with chainmail these days, because I'll definitely keep you in mind anytime I'm looking for new jewelry. We wish you all the best, and I definitely will be sending you some wedding pics.  Have a great week!

    Until next time,


wow! you're the best! i can manage the $30 in a couple weeks...i'll have a phone & everything by then so i can call with my bank card that runs as a visa. i LOVE the idea if matching headpieces for the girls in the bridal party. we have been kinda stumped there as to what to do hair wise for them. we had looked at snoods but they are kinda divided as to those. one girl loves them & another asked me to please not do that to her lol. however i bet they will all love the headpieces. i'll e-mail ya in a couple weeks to give ya some heads up b4 i call. thank you so much for all your work. i can't wait to see the pieces. 

Leslie 'Kat"




Dear Heidi,

Thank you so much for trying to work things out for me and for taking the time to give me all of these options and figure out exactly what I want. I did mean that I wanted the swags at the side, and I really like what you did with those modified Jasmine pieces (where it is kind of like a regular tiara with the swags at the side). Those are very pretty.  Once again, thank you so much for taking your time to work on this with me. If you have any other ideas now that I've clarified a few things, please do let me know! If nothing else comes to mind, I will probably go with the tiara with the Jasmine swags like you showed me.' Thank you! 

Best Wishes, 



Hello Heidi!

I received the headpiece and earrings today, and I can not thank you enough!
They are absolutely beautiful and perfect. I will get a lot of good out of
them. In fact, I will be going to the Ohio Renaissance festival next weekend
and plan on wearing them there.

Thank you so much- I hope you're enjoying the CD.

Best Wishes,

Dear Heidi,

I have been wearing the earrings that you made for me every day. Wow- they
are so lovely! I am tempted to have you make me another pair in a different
colored bead.  What beautiful pieces of art. What other styles do you have? For that matter, if I were rich, I would just buy everything on your website! Your work is really a dream come true for me.

I will certainly give you a picture to put in your gallery. I had to cancel
my trip to the Renaissance Festival this week due to complications, but I
will definitely be going sometime this month and I will get a picture when I

You may certainly use my letter. I would be honored.

Have a great week!

Best Wishes,


Thank you so much for taking the time to write and help me with my daughter's headpiece and veil! The hook and eye attachment sounds like a great idea! Thanks again,


Dear Heidi, The first picture with the bead in the center (smooth cobalt 6x9mm) is definitely the one I want to go with. It looks exactly like what I was hoping for- perfect color and everything! I will send you a money order for... (what is my total?) as soon as possible. Thank you so much and you can expect even more purchases from me in the future.


Hello, Heidi! 

Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou for all your hard work, both in creating the headpieces and anklets for my wedding and in coordinating with this distracted bride! 

Everyone was super pleased with their jewelry, particularly my mother, who is just looking for additional reasons to wear her circlet! My headpiece, was absolutely gorgeous; I wish you could have seen my groom's face the first time he saw it on--pure awe! 

 Again, many thanks, for your work and skill. :) 


(See pix from Angelique's Wedding Here)


I would like to take a moment to thank all of the people who were kind enough to  write thoughtful notes such as these, it really means a lot.

And we plan to keep on doing the things it takes to earn them.

Heidi C.

Owner, Silver Tiger Art


Please take a moment at some point to Browse through our Metals page, as we only use the Highest Quality materials in our Merchandise. This is not a Hobby, this is our Job, and our Job is to make You Happy.  :)

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