Chainmail Tiaras

Basic Tiaras

Elegant hand crafted Chainmaille Tiaras, Dripping with Sparkling Crystals. May be worn as a headpiece, a necklace, choker or a waist chain

24" Long, Basic Tiaras have an 11" chainmail band of 4-in-1 with a center dag (point) dripping with  6mm Crystals. One end has a short single chain with a clasp, and the other end has a longer single chain tipped with a Double Crystal Drop. This makes your Chainmail Tiara Fully Adjustable, for use as a Headpiece, 


 or even a Waist Chain or Belt. Adaptors are available for those of us who do not have a 24" waist.  Let me know the length you need.

Tiaras may be worn over or under the hair, and are suitable for any hair length.

Basic Tiara in Stainless: $45.00

(Includes in-stock 6mm Crystals, your choice of color)

Plain Tiara w/out crystals- take $5.00 off regular price

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