Basic Weave Chainmail  Anklets, Bracelets, Chokers, and Necklaces

You can choose a weave as is, or add Beads, Bells, Charms and/or Chains to make your Anklet, Bracelet, Choker or Necklace  Dreams come True!  If you do not see the Weave you want Here, I CAN Make it for You!

Prices are for Standard Ladies' Sizes. Most people are not "Standard", I am giving these prices to give you an idea. If you need larger or smaller, let me know  :)

Men Vary even More than Ladies. If you are Ordering a Man's Bracelet Anklet or Choker, Please e-mail me with the approximate size you need (in inches). (Inches prices for most weaves may be found on Chainmail Weave Designs )

Prices Will be posted soon, Until then, Please E-mail me at !

Crystal Chain

Prices Coming Soon
Crystal Bell Chain

Double Chain,   Small Rings

Prices Coming Soon
Double Chain   Med. Rings

Prices Coming Soon
Double Chain   Heavy Rings

Triple Chain     

sm rings

Prices Coming Soon
Triple Chain     med rings

Triple Chain     heavy rings

4-in-1 small rings

Prices Coming Soon
4-in-1 small rings Wide

Prices Coming Soon
Captured 4-in-1 small rings

Prices Coming Soon
Beaded 4-in-1 small rings

4-in-1 Sm.  Rings on Outside and Med. On Inside 

4-in-1  medium rings  

4-in-1, Heavy
Captured 4-in-1  med rings 
Beaded 4-in-1  med.  rings 
4-in-1 with Dags Med. (Triangles)

4-in1 with Dags Sm.


Single Rosette Small, w/Crystal Chain
Single Rosette Sm./Med, w/Crystal Chain, small Rings

Single Rosette Med, w/Crystal Chain, Med. rings Prices Coming Soon
Single Rosette Med, w/Box Chain
Captured Rosettes Small

(Top captured by med. rings, Lower captured by small rings)

Beaded Rosettes Small

Captured Rosettes Med.
Beaded Rosettes Med.
Rosettes Sm.

Rosettes Med

Rosettes Sm. Alternating Left-Right

Box Chain

Prices Coming Soon
Box Chain, Heavy

Double Box

Double Box, Heavy
Captured Box
Beaded Box

Byzantine (Birdcage)

Prices Coming Soon
Byzantine (Birdcage), Heavy
Double Byzantine
Double Byzantine, Heavy
Captured Single Byzantine

Beaded Single Byzantine

Captured Beaded Single Byzantine with Tiny Bells
Captured Double Byzantine
Beaded Double Byzantine
Grape Vine


Captured Diamonds

Beaded Diamonds

Diamond Bell

Captured Bubble
Bubble #2

Spiral Rope Chain

(Shown doubled)

Prices Coming Soon
Spiral, Heavy
Captured Spiral
Beaded Spiral Rope Chain

Double Spiral

Faerymail (tiny little rings)

Double Chain (2-1n-2)

Triple Chain  (3-in-3)    
Spiral Chain    
Box Chain    
Double Box with 3-in-3

  • Ladies Standard Bracelets Approx. 6 to 7-1/2" Depending on Weave  Ladies Standard Anklets Approx.  9-1/2" Depending on Weave

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