Chainmail Bracelets

We have Every type of Chainmail Bracelet from Heavy Rope Chains, to Lacy Faery-Mail with Crystals....

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Chainmail Weave Designs Page

to give you Ideas.

If you can Imagine it, we can Create it  :)

Some Bracelet pix-

Beaded 4-in-1 Stainless   $28.00

Box Chain small in Stainless Steel   $45.00      

Beaded Rosettes small in Stainless   $30.00  

3-in-3 small in Stainless Steel        $32.00   

Beaded Diamonds in Stainless Steel   $28.00

Double Byzantine in Stainless   $46.00

Captured Diamonds in Stainless Steel    $25.00

We have Many More! Check out the Basic Weave Bracelets Page!

* all Bracelet Prices are based on 7-1/2" standard

We can make them any size you wish!

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