Shown here are a few chains regularly used in our designs.

From top:  (with 6mm beads)

  • 5mm brass curb chain, 

  • 3mm Hamilton gold plate rope chain, 

  • 2.75 mm  im. Iridium plate rope chain, (Also available in Hamilton gold) 

  • 2mm im. iridium plate Fine rope chain (too fine for headpieces or belts)


The Top Chain is used in Belts and is very nice with the Bathsheba headpiece to give it a 2 toned appearance.

The Middle two are the ones most used in headpieces. The gold plate perfectly matches our gold rings, and the 2.75mm iridium is the perfect weight, size and color for the stainless. I use the 3mm gold instead of the 2.75mm gold in most cases because the 2.75mm gold plate does not match our rings as well

The Bottom Chain is used only for necklaces, anklets, bracelets, earrings, and other little things as an accent chain. It is too fine to use strong enough wire for the crystals to hang from, and your larger piece will fall apart if any tension is put on it. Trust me. Great for necklaces, Bad for Headpieces or Handflowers. OK?

You may mix and match colors of chain and metal to get a fun look, but if you order an in-stock item that does not already come 2 toned, it will be a custom order, and may take a little extra time to ship out, as opposed to next day shipping. SOME custom orders ARE shipped next day, it just depends on the complexity of the piece!


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