Chainmail Bikinis

aka Chain mail Halter Tops/chain mail bra tops/ Chain mail Belly-Dancing tops

Here at Silver Tiger Art we recognize the importance of your Chain Mail Bikini, Chain Mail Bra or Halter top, being Comfortable as well as sexy  :)

Most of our tops are made with 6-in-1 straps over the shoulders so they do not dig in.

Since the rings are all saw cut with smooth edges and no burrs, you will Never get pinched cut or scratched as you might in less well made tops, And the Top Grade quality of the materials insures you will have a beautiful piece of clothing that will Never rust, tarnish or loose it's bright shiny finish  :)

Pictures will be coming soon. We have made from A cups to DD's, and there is no limit to the design combinations of Crystals, Swags, Bells, Coins, etc!

For Belly Dancers- send a picture of your outfit, and we can match or co-ordinate the crystal colors and designs, and make you a matching belt and handflowers to go with it!

Wear one at the next Game-Con to really stand out!


Ok, all I have at this moment are pix from a custom order I made for a Lady in Maine. She was thrilled with it, but I never got to see it on her. I have one I am working on for myself at the moment, unfortunately I lost some weight while I stopped to make stuff for other people and now I have to re-size the cups  :P 

 I promise as soon as I finish it and get someone to take pix I will post them. In the mean time, if anyone who buys or has purchased a chainmail bikini from me would be so kind as to send me a pic, That would be Great!!!

This bikini top was a 44DD made for a Lady in Maine- The straps were only 4-in-1 to save money- The Lady assured me that she would not be wearing it for long periods of time  :)   It fits perfectly, and she was delighted!

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