Chainmail Bracers and Gauntlets

Many types of Chainmail Gauntlets, Bracers, Vambraces, etc. All Chainmail, or Chainmail and Leather. SCA Combat Legal, or Decorative, We make them all. Starting from $40.00 for a pair of plain Stainless Chainmail Tube style lace up bracers, and up from there.

These bracers pictured here come to a point at the top, which, due to the weave will keep it's shape. They are Chained directly onto a pair of thick heavy leather pieces that run vertically up the inside of the arm, and are worn laced up the back (the laces you see trailing are from his shirt, not the armour). We have Buckles in stock if you do not wish to have to deal with laces, and Zippers are also available by custom order.


Write to me, tell me what you are in need of, and I will give you a quote.

I can't wait to get the pix up- I have Chainmail with leather backing, I have Designs woven in with different metals, it is a big Bracer Bonanza and my pix are on someone else's hard dive. O well.  :p


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