Childs Tiaras

Model wearing Child's Tiara in Iris at South Florida Folk festival 2001

Child's Tiaras are a smaller version of the Adult Basic Tiara. I would Not recommend them for an adult, as the 4-in-1 band is not quite large enough to go across most adult foreheads. However, they are perfect for the little girl who wants to play dress up, or for matching mother and daughter costumes! 

Child's Tiara  in Stainless Steel  $35.00

Child's Tiara In Gold Plated Brass  NA

Includes in stock 6mm crystals- Crystal AB, Jet, Jet AB, Ruby, Ruby AB, Iris, Rose AB Aqua AB, Emerald AB, (and sometimes-Cobalt AB, Amethyst AB, Sapphire AB; E-mail me to find out if these or other colors are in stock at the moment)

To view bead colors go to 6mm Crystals

If you want something not specified above, E-mail me at 

Remember, these are just the Basic Child's Tiaras, you can make anything you want from the weaves, crystals, bells etc! These are the Tiaras I have in stock now for kids at the festivals!

Like the Basic Tiara, these are chained All the way around, and will not snag even in the most tangle prone or finest hair. If you put them on in the way described in the How To Wear Tiaras page (located on the Tiara Home Page), they can run around all day, or hang upside down in the play yard without losing their tiara! It can be worn as a necklace or even a waist chain or belt for those tiny waists, let me know if you need an adaptor.

Unlike most kids jewelry, the Tiara is pretty well Indestructible!  I know, I have seen the same girls year after year at the festivals, and they always bring their Tiaras to show me. Sometimes the crystals might be a bit dirty, but that is easily fixed. :)

If your child should break a clasp or loose a crystal, I will fix it for free as long as you pay for shipping. Replacement of charms or Crystals and Beads other than 6mm in stock colors may be extra.

See more Child's Tiaras in The Gallery!


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