Decorative Coifs with Large 4-in-1 Euro weave

Most of our Coifs are made of Stainless Steel, machine cut and smooth butted so they will not catch, or snag. Stainless Steel is Very strong, will never rust or discolor, and will keep it's finish indefinitely! 

If you wish a more  Medieval look, a Coif can be made for you from Galvanized Steel, or any other metal of your choosing. We can even make them from Aluminum so you can wear it at faire all day without worrying about the weight  :)  How about an Evil, Scary one in Black?

Copper, Brass, Bronze, etc. can be woven in or used as edging for a decorative effect.  We can put Dagging along the edge of the mantle. We will make your Armour dreams come true.

We will make a piece to custom fit your head. Write to me at and I will tell you the exact measurements we need. The prices range from around $100.00 and up, depending on the length, mantle, materials, and tightness of weave. More pictures soon.

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