Chainmail Dice Bags

Chain Mail Bags for Dice, Runes, or Trinkets 

Need somewhere to stash those dice? What better way to carry them than in full chainmail splendor! Make all of your friends jealous! Get matching chainmail dice bags for you and your significant other! Buy one for your GM! Gain extra XP!

Another benefit - when the Ren Faire is in town, you can use your dice bag as as a belt pouch!

All Chainmail pouches are shown unlined, but for a small additional cost you may have them lined in cotton, satin, or velvet.

This is a picture of some of my anodized aluminum dice bags (with a stainless one in the top left corner). I sell these almost as fast as I make them, but can custom make you one in any size or color scheme. The one on the bottom left in black purple and gold was made for "Mage", to match the books. I will post more and better pictures soon.

Image019a.jpg (26669 bytes)

Large Dice Bag in Anodized Aluminum 


  SMALL DICE BAG- $40.00 

The Small dice bag look almost the same as the Medium dice bag, but smaller (lol) holds up to 20+ dice for gaming, and is available for ONLY $40.00!  This is Saw- cut stainless steel, WILL NOT scratch your dice, Never gonna rust, Always looks great, and is fun to play with while you wait for the people next to you to finally decide what the heck they are going to do next.



DiceBagSmWdOut.jpg (59890 bytes) DiceBagSmEmpty.jpg (31868 bytes)

Views of Medium Chainmail Dice bags- Click the pictures to view.

Medium DICE BAG- $70.00 in stainless, looks almost the same as the small dice bag, but larger (lol) holds 30+ dice, great for larger collections or specialty dice.


Large Chain Mail Dice Bag

Made with smaller rings on the bottom, going to larger rings on the top to show off your Favorite Dice...  Another good thing is that the Cold Steel will keep the Fairies from Stealing all your Glittery Jewel-Toned Dice! (Fairies Love Shiny-Sparklies as much as we do)  ;)

DicewBagsMdLg.jpg (163771 bytes)

Click on the picture to get a close up of the Large Chain Mail Dice Bag with Glitter Dice!!



Medium, Large and Xtra-Xtra-Large Chainmail Dice Bags (Please Specify Leather or Non-leather Thong Closure)

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