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Silver Tiger Art Chainmail makes Great costuming accessories- What a perfect addition to your Halloween costume whether you go as a Medieval Maiden, a Dancer from the Far East, or a Fairy Princess! We have something for everyone.

Hw.01,2girls,1.jpg (100146 bytes)  Hw.01,2girls,2.jpg (27733 bytes)

The girl on the left is wearing an Aqua Aurora, the girl on the right is wearing a Gold Jasmine Headdress with Smooth Crystal AB Teardrops. I love how they shine like little light bulbs!

Hw.Saxony1pic.jpg (36930 bytes)   Hw.01,Saxony2pic.jpg (29888 bytes)

A couple views of the Saxony Headdress. I wish the pictures came out better so you could see the stunning contrast of the green crystals against her gorgeous red hair!

Hw.01,Saxonyback.jpg (21778 bytes)   Hw.01,Morgana1pic.jpg (23223 bytes)

On the left a view from the back of the Saxony, and on the right is The Morgana Le Fey 

INTRODUCING- The Angelique!

OK, This almost has to have a section all it's own. I created this piece to go with this dress. I LOVE this dress. I took Many pix of this headpiece with this dress. I don't know which ones I like best so here they all are  :)

I have decided to call this piece the Angelique in honor of  the Lady of the same name who bought one to wear for her Wedding  :)

Hw.01,TDSax1pic.jpg (18411 bytes)

Hw.01,TDSax2pic.jpg (39153 bytes)   Hw.01,TDSax3pic.jpg (24215 bytes)

Hw.01,TDSax4pic.jpg (26254 bytes)  Hw.01,TDSax5pic.jpg (47197 bytes)

The Angelique in Crystal AB




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