Chainmail Jewelry !

From Anklets, Bracelets, Chains and Chokers, Earrings, Foot Flowers,  Hand Flowers, and Necklaces, Rings, Tiaras,  Waist Chains, and Zxyz's*  we have your Chainmail Jewelry from A to Z!  we have it All! If you do not see it here, We will Make it for you!

ADiamAnkltPchTxt.jpg (30537 bytes)   Chainmail Anklets Many designs to choose from! Click on the picture to go to the Anklet section!
Chainmail Bracelets  

Bracelets of all types! 

WvBox1.jpg (21488 bytes)


Chain design for anklets, bracelets, waist chains, necklaces, etc. Sold by the inch,  by metal type. 
1ear3B6x9cobTDS1.jpg (9175 bytes)Earrings People Love our earrings! Wear as is, or with the crystals of your choosing!
LacewebFootflower.JPG (13531 bytes)    Footflowers


Wrap your Feet and Ankles in the glitter of crystals and chain! We Love custom designs!

Click on the picture to View in-stock Footflowers.

AWebHandflower.JPG (18074 bytes)  Handflowers


Many Types of handflowers in stock, or Design your own! Click on picture to View In-Stock designs.

Ring.CM.3in3.jpg (3018 bytes)Chainmail Rings  

Chainmail rings in many metals and designs!


Rings, Sterling 



Cast Sterling Silver Rings with and without stones. Very Cool! Coming Soon.


AFancyTiaraB.jpg (4861 bytes)          Tiaras


Adorn your brow, neck or waist with our Tiaras. Click on the picture to View In-Stock designs!

All Of Our Chainmail Jewelry is made using the Highest Standards- The Best Metals are Used, with a Care to Smooth Closing of Rings to ensure you do Not get Pinched or Scratched, Unlike Some Chainmail Jewelry. Unless Noted, None of Our Rings are Nipper Cut, and are All Smooth Butted to Ensure Comfortable Wear.  See Metals Page to View Our Chain Mailling Rings.

*OK, we don't know what Zxyz's are either, but if you think of anything, we can make it  :)

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