We use only the Finest Metals for our chainmail at Silver Tiger Art. I myself am Very metal sensitive to nickel and lesser metals, and I feel it is Very Important to bring the best and most wearable materials to our work. What is the point of buying a piece and having it rust, tarnish, rub off on your skin or clothes or give you a rash?

This is why Our Stainless steel is 304 grade with a bright shiny finish that will Never Dull. It is spring tempered, full hard, so it won't need any repairs with normal wear.  Stainless may not sound as glamorous as the precious metals, however, it lasts virtually forever, looks great, and is very strong. 

  This being said, Any materials may be used in the construction of your special piece. We have access to rings of almost any size in everything from Mild Steel or Galvanized for Armour, to Colorful Anodized Aluminum for fantasy wear, dice bags jewelry and trim, Titanium, brass, copper, or even Sterling Silver, Gold, or Gold Fill for special jewelry. Other metals (such as phos-bronze, nickel silver etc.) available upon special request

4 of our most popular stainless sizes 

From Left- Large, Medium, Small, & Tiny 

(Not shown- Heavy; Same size as Med, but Heavier Gauge)


Image038.jpg (65769 bytes) Three types of silver-Clockwise from top Left:

Stainless Steel, Bright Aluminum, Clear Anodized Aluminum.

Stainless is my favorite, with a bright shiny finish, and no bad smell like galvanized or staining. It can be a bit heavy in larger pieces.

Bright Aluminum is gorgeous and lightweight, making it Great for earrings and accessories, but may leave black or gray smudges if worn next to your skin. This smudging is easily washable, and some find it worthwhile to save on the weight.

Clear Anodized Aluminum has a whitish look, but is sealed, giving you the light weight, without the smudging.



Anodized Aluminum- Available in Blue, Purple, Red, Gold, Green, Black, Clear (silver), and sometimes Orange

anodizedRings.jpg (58501 bytes)


ClearAnodizedRings.jpg (53723 bytes)


A selection Of Anodized rings in 16gu 5/16"


Clear Anodized Aluminum rings in 16gu 5/16"    

From Very Large Rings to Tiny little rings! 

(Think- "Rainbow Fairy Maille"!)

3.8mm inner diameter, 5.6mm outer diameter

.035" diameter wire


Enameled Copper-  Copper wire with a baked on enamel finish. Bright and Vivid in a range of colors not available in Anodized Aluminum!


 In stock and available now in these Bright colors- 22gu  Amethyst, Blue, Peacock Blue, Green, Lemon, Tangerine, and Fuchsia.





In stock and available now in these Light colors- 22gu Silver, Seafoam Green, Ice Blue, Rose, and Peach





All of the Above-Mix and Match for all different wonderful color combos! This is thin wire for Tiny rings-  Vivid Rainbow Fairy Maille!!! (shown- 22gu 1/8" ID)

The Earth Tones-

In stock now in 16g green, red, bronze, clear coat copper, and black.  More colors and gauges available upon request.

Great for Earrings, Bracelets, Anklets and Handflowers!


20gu Brass, Copper and Silver for Fairy Maille  (also known as Micro-Maille when done Really small)


Still Available but being phased out in favor of the Gold Anodized Aluminum- real gold plated brass rings, smooth flush cut to avoid snagging. Very shiny and bright, but quite heavy and more expensive.

A band of 4-in-1 in gold plated brass



All of our Ear-Wires are Sterling Silver.

(unless you wish otherwise.)


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