The Saxony

Chainmail Headdress

A Fabulous Headpiece, from it's Zig-Zag band to it's many Glittering Crystals, The Saxony is a Classic. Perfect  for almost any facial type, the Saxony is very Versatile.  With the change of a bead color it can go from 'Princess' to 'Goth'!  The addition of a Smooth Teardrop front adds even more elegance to this wonderful piece.

Saxonyfr5.jpg (17207 bytes)   Tigre&Friend- Fete Macabre 10-13-01.jpg (23861 bytes)  Saxonygold1.jpg (33434 bytes) 

In Aqua,  Iris,  and in Gold with Crystal AB and a Smooth Teardrop front.

Saxony,Melanie.jpg (50123 bytes)   SaxonySgold2.jpg (26999 bytes)

Shown here, the famous folksinger 'Melanie' ('Brand New Key') in Iris, and a side view of Gold with Crystal AB and the Crystal AB smooth Teardrop front. See how the Light Catches the Crystal Teardrops like Tiny Light bulbs? I Love that!

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The Saxony  in  Stainless:   $350.00

Includes your choice of in stock 6mm bead colors

Smooth Teardrop front $20.00 extra

Faceted Teardrop front $20-$40.00 extra

The Saxony in Gold :N/A

Includes your choice of 6mm bead colors

Smooth Teardrop front $20.00 extra

Faceted Teardrop front $30-$40.00 extra


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