South Florida Folk Fest

Me and my Assistant/Friend Sean McDugal


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We couldn't have asked for Nicer Weather!  (Coif and Aurora in Aqua AB)

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Lovely in a Crystal AB Smooth Teardrop Front Mystique Headdress

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This Lucky Lady went home in a Jet AB Aurora. My Assistant, Shana, Cried. I need to find the time to make another one!

 Image014a.jpg (38264 bytes)  Image015a.jpg (42618 bytes)

Kids in Maille are so Cute!


Jam Session at the Booth

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Another Lord and Lady

Image021a.jpg (29945 bytes)   

Gold Headpieces and Handflowers look Lovely against Dark Skin

 Image023a.jpg (19271 bytes)  Image024a.jpg (18563 bytes) 

Amanda (on Left) Helps me out Every Year. She will be an Employee soon  ;)


Another Jam Session  (This is Such a fun fest!)

 Image026a.jpg (24952 bytes) 

We were  having So much fun, I never noticed Just how Sunburned I was getting!


Two Princesses

Image029a.jpg (23315 bytes)  Image030a.jpg (31296 bytes) 

The New Lacey Choker with tiny Jet beads and Ruby Faceted Teardrops

 Image031a.jpg (47403 bytes) 

The girl on the Right wanted to be wearing the Headpiece on the Left  ;)

Image037a.jpg (43122 bytes)

"But Mom, All the Other kids have one!"

Amanda and My Booth  (Amanda ended up with the Gold 3 swag Tiara this year)

  Image033a.jpg (32521 bytes) 

A Close up

 Image034a.jpg (43323 bytes)  Image035a.jpg (42960 bytes) 


This was the Year Amanda learned to Play Guitar!

(Chords to Old McDonald are on the post-it on her shoe)  :)


 Image042a.jpg (24259 bytes)  

A Beautiful Ending for a Beautiful Festival.


Many more pix coming soon!

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