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Many exciting and Beautiful Tiara designs to choose from! Here are some Tiara Designs that are very popular at the festivals. Any can be Customized as you wish. If I made up All the possibilities I would never have time to make Anything but Tiaras! There are more Ideas in the Gallery, and on the Weaves page. 

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Basic Tiaras Childs Tiaras

Smooth Teardrop Tiaras

Faceted Teardrop Tiaras

Swag Drape Tiaras

Weave Designs Page (For custom pieces)

How to Wear Tiaras (special info!)

E-mail me at Silvertigerart@hotmail.com and together we will make the headpiece of your dreams. If you can imagine it, we can Create it!

Tiaras are fully adjustable bands of your choice of Weave Design with Crystals and Beads, Bells, Charms and/or Chain as an Added Decoration. No Elastic is used (Unless you specially request it), and they will Not catch in your hair. Worn by Ladies or Men, Most Tiaras may be used as Necklaces or even Waist Chains or Belts (With an adaptor) as well as for Headpieces. There are so many combinations of Weave, Metals, Crystals, Beads, charms and Chain, that the possibilities are endless!

Tiaras are Not just for the ladies, I have sold many masculine headbands, great for the guy who wants that chainmail look, but doesn't want the expense or bother of a full coif. Wear a simple band of 4-in1 over a bandanna. If you are not in actual combat, a Battle Mask is a great alternative to a coif on a blazing summer day!

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