Weave Designs

Use this Page of Chainmail Patterns as a Glossary for Chainmail Terms, or as an Inspiration Guide to Help Me Design the Piece of Your Dreams!

Click to view pictures  Description Prices per 2 inches
WvSingleSmMed1.jpg (10931 bytes) Single Chain in Small and Medium Stainless
Sm: 1.50 -per 2 inch
Md: 1.00 -per 2 inch
Wv2-in-2sm.jpg (10720 bytes) 2-in-2  (Double Chain) Stainless
Wv3-in3.jpg (12643 bytes) 3-in-3 (Triple Chain) Small Stainless
$4.50 -per 2 inch
Gold Plate
$        -per 2 inch
Wv.3-in3Med.jpg (6650 bytes) 3-in-3 (Triple Chain) Med
Wv.3-in-3Heavy.jpg (15182 bytes) 3-in-3 (Triple Chain) Heavy
Wv.3-in-2Heavy.jpg (7891 bytes) 2-in-3  Heavy
Wv.4-3-in-1s.jpg (12429 bytes) View of chains - Tiny (faery-mail) to Heavy (Same size as med., but thicker)
Wv.CrystChainSm.jpg (6185 bytes) Crystal Chain Small Stainless
$2.10  -per 2 inch
Gold Plate
$        -per 2 inch
Wv.CrystChainMd.jpg (7384 bytes) Crystal Chain med Stainless
$2.00  -per 2 inch
Gold Plate
   -per 2 inch
Jingle3.jpg (16367 bytes) Crystal Bell Chain
Wv.4in1Sm-1.jpg (18057 bytes) 4-in-1  With Small Rings (Anklets, etc.)
Wv.4in1SmMd-1.jpg (21512 bytes) 4-in-1 With Small Rings on outside and Med. On Inside  (anklets, handflowers, chokers, etc.)
Wv.4in1-1.jpg (4294 bytes) 4-in-1 With Medium Rings   (This is the size used in most Headpieces, Hanflowers  and Tiaras)
WvCapt4-in-1Sm.jpg (11042 bytes) Captured 4-in-1  small rings
Wv.4in1SmBeaded.jpg (16249 bytes) Beaded 4-in-1 small rings
Wv.4in1wdag-1.jpg (8165 bytes) 4-in-1 with Dag (Triangle)
Wv.SingleRosette1.jpg (11777 bytes) Single Rosette med rings
Captured Rosettes, Small
Wv.RosettesBeadedSm1.jpg (15305 bytes) Beaded Rosettes, Small
WvRosettes1.jpg (24618 bytes) Rosettes
WvSmRosettes1.jpg (22490 bytes) Rosettes, Small
Alternating Rosettes (Left and Right)
WvAltRosSpiral.jpg (17635 bytes) Alternating Rosettes and Spiral
WvAltRosByz.jpg (18104 bytes) Alternating Rosettes and Byzantine
WvSpiral1.jpg (5472 bytes) Spiral Close Up
Spiral Chain
WvBox1.jpg (21488 bytes) Box Chain
WvBoxDbl1.jpg (10122 bytes) Box Chain Variation (Double Box)
Wv.BoxBeaded1.jpg (13341 bytes) Box Chain, Beaded
WvSingleBrdcge1.jpg (6849 bytes) Single Byzantine (Birdcage) Close Up
WvByzantine3.jpg (17285 bytes) Single Byzantine (Birdcage)
WvDblByz1.jpg (9491 bytes) Double Byzantine (Double Birdcage)
WvByzCapture1.jpg (8712 bytes) Captured Byzantine
WvByzBeaded1.jpg (10555 bytes) Beaded Byzantine
wvGrapeVine1.jpg (23381 bytes) Grape Vine
Diamond Bell
Diamondbellanklets.jpg (23118 bytes) Diamond Bells with Crystals
Wv.Bubble1.jpg (4438 bytes) Bubble Weave
Wv.Bubble2v.jpg (6532 bytes) Bubble #2 (Variation)
Wv.Bubble2Closeup.jpg (2410 bytes) Bubble #2 Close-up
Wv.BubbleOp.jpg (4828 bytes) Bubble #3 Op Art Bubble
WvBubbleAlt1.jpg (9945 bytes) Bubble #4 Alternating Bubble
Wave Design
Persian 6-in-1 Small
Persian 6-in-1 Med
Persian 6-in-1
4-1n-1 swatch small rings
4-1n-1 swatch medium rings
4-1n-1 swatch large rings
4-1n-1 swatch heavy rings


Faerymail is Chainmail using Tiny Rings. Here are some of the weaves shown above done in Faerymail.... (Almost all Sterling, Gold Fill, and Niobium are Faerymail, these examples are all in Stainless)

WvFM2in2-1.jpg (10188 bytes) 2-in-2 (Double Chain)
WvFMSpiral1.jpg (13073 bytes) Spiral Chain
WvFMBoxDbl1.jpg (12112 bytes) Double Box with 3-in2
WvFMBoxWCryst1.jpg (19102 bytes)              (close-up) Box with Crystals
WvFMboxwcryst2.jpg (22328 bytes)
WvFMByzWCryst1.jpg (10269 bytes) Byzantine (Birdcage) with Crystals
WvFMBub2-2-1.jpg (9888 bytes) Bubble Weave with 2-in2

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