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12-17-2013 Due to the recent crazy rise in metal prices, I had to raise a lot of my prices to reflect this cost in materials. However, as I've been keeping my eye on the costs and now that the metal prices are starting to deflate a bit, my sources have been able to bring down their prices, which means I can pass the savings on to you! Same great quality, lower prices! Enjoy!

11-29-13 Hey there! I'm BACK! Sadly, I've had some Very Serious health issues, but Fortunately, I seem to be back on the mend and ready to return to bringing you the Very Best in High-Quality Chainmail. We were Chain Mail before Chain Maille was Cool! To Celebrate the beginnings of my return to Health, my New Friends at the Anime and Comic Conventions we have started working, and the Holidays- I am bringing you a *Huge* Store-Wide Sale, Slashing prices to 50% and More! With the prices of metals coming down, I have also Reduced some of my Prices, and Passed the Savings on to You. Some of these new lower prices Plus the 50% off discount Sale Prices make Savings Even More! Lowered original prices will Stay lowered as long as I can keep them there. Wishing Everyone a Very Happy Holiday Season from Silver Tiger Art! *P.S. - Minor sale restrictions - only in-stock items - custom items not on sale, this does not include a crystal upgrade or other minor changes - just don't expect something custom from scratch on sale! Also no stocking up for resale, quantities are limited. We reserve the right etc. etc...... OKAY! Get out there, Shop, Have Fun!!! Thank you for shopping Siver Tiger Art! Heidi C. aka -Tigre Silver
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09-06-02 New Earrings! Gorgeous Fairy Maille in Rainbow Colors! Lightweight Bright Aluminum! Fun Stuff!!!  New Dice Bags!  Check them Out!!!  New Metals on the Metals  Page! Anodized Aluminum and New Bright  Enameled Copper! Woo-Hoo! I also posted a pic of a new Fairy Maille Handflower on the Handflowers Page! Take a look!! (At 5:30 in the morning, all the exclamation points come out to play) ;)

07-03-02 A bunch of Links went missing- all fixed now ! (I hope) If you still do Not see Links on the left side of your screen, hit the refresh button.  *whew* 

06-16-02  Pix are up for South Florida Folk Fest!   I have a bunch that need to be scanned as well. As soon as I do, they will be added. If I took a bunch of pictures of you and you only see one or a couple, I used the best ones, and will be happy to mail you the rest if you request it  :) 

05-28-02  Chainmail Bracers and Gauntlets page is up. Needs more pix and work tho. Could be there are more anklets on the anklets page. I Know I did stuff this week, what was it?  LOL   I Have been trying to figure out how to make all the pages look better- look for better looking pages coming soon! Link to my site if you like it! Thanx  :)

05-21-02 Revamped Anklets page, and added more anklets. Aurora Headpiece now has it's own page.

5-17-02 More weave design pictures on the Basic Weave Anklets, Bracelets, Chokers, and Necklaces page- check out the Abate Pix 2002 in the Photo Gallery!

5-15-02 New Links ! Also check out Angelique's Wedding page :)

5-9-02 After overcoming some program problems I am back with more Silver Tiger Art! Look for more in The Photo Gallery, A New Size of Chainmail Dice Bag, The beginning of the Chainmail Bikinis Page, (Woo-hoo!) and other general updates and housecleaning. :)

12-23-01 Added Fla. Ren. Fest 2001 page to The Photo Gallery  More pix soon!

12-21-01  Added Dice Bags Page, Put in a start for the Chain Mail Belts Page (Will have photos in there soon) added pix to Bracelets and Necklaces page, put some more weaves in, and put some links in the Links page. :) Happy Holidays everyone!

11-30-01  There is much to be completed, but here goes! Silver Tiger Art is getting Published! I will be doing a lot of work to finish the site up as soon as possible, and things will be being added all the time. Thank you for your patience while I finish up. If you have any questions Please feel free to e-mail me at Silvertigerart@hotmail.com !  I want to say a special Big Thank You to Chris at http://NetIdeal.com  for being such a great web-host, and dealing with all my questions and generally being a great guy. Have him host your website! I also wish to thank his wife Mary for Her patience with all my phone calls, and Russell, who let me take over the whole computer desk with Chainmail, beads, and a bunch of other mess for the few months it took to get this project started  :)

11-29-01 website nearing initial completion- will publish as soon as "to order" page is completed, and finish up from there. 

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